Remember These Tips if You Are Traveling During the Holidays


If you are traveling this holiday season to bridge the gaps created during the COVID-19 pandemic, then you’ll want to take specific precautions about your technology. Here are some of the best ways you can keep your technology secure while you travel from point A to point B, as well as how we can help […]

Give Your Organization the Gift of Technology


Each year we try to come up with a creative Christmas article that ties IT into one of the many holiday fables, but this year we thought we would just forgo the pageantry and talk a little bit about how important our client’s are and what we can do to help take them where they […]

Technology is Center Stage on Black Friday and Cyber Monday


The holidays are rapidly approaching and each year people position themselves to get the best deals they can on all the potential gifts, whether they are gifts to themselves, or to others. Like many other years, bargain shoppers wake up from their tryptophan naps, bundle up, and head out to try and score the best […]

Even Santa’s Workshop Can Benefit from Managed Services


While some places get to take the holiday season off to some extent, other establishments are at their busiest—and as such, don’t have time for any inefficiencies. Let’s meet an employee from such an establishment, located far up north, to learn about how any workplace might benefit operationally from managed IT services. Taking a sip […]

Don’t Forget to Add These Handy Home-Office Gadgets to Your Shopping List!


There is no denying that gifts are a major part of the typical festivities around this time of year, so it only seems that having some ideas as to what you’d like to receive to share with others is a helpful contribution. As our way of helping, we’ve decided to share a few tech-based suggestions […]

IT is a Wonderful Life


Parker sat at his desk looking at a business card. He watched the snow fall lightly outside his window. He was the last person left in the office, as he typically was this time of year. He put down the business card and got up and walked over to the large pane of glass that […]

An IT Christmas Carol


The IT guy, Jacob left last month: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. He left without an exit interview, and he didn’t seem very pleased with the way the situation played out. You could never tell if Scrooge cared or not. His demands have never wavered. He expected perfection and when […]

As 2018 Ends, Mobile Cyberthreats Won’t


Mobile devices have made conducting business much more convenient, as the right application can allow transactions to be made from anywhere you may be reading this blog. However, this increased accessibility has come with a price – threats to mobile security – which requires any business to be aware of the state of cybersecurity, especially […]

Technology Has Influenced a Few Holiday Traditions


Everyone has their own holiday traditions, and Christmastime is no exception. Some might stick to more traditional roots, while others focus on more contemporary trends to create a Christmas culture that changes with each passing year. Many of these newer traditions have been molded from modern technology solutions, so let’s celebrate both new and old […]

Tip of the Week: 6 Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed This Holiday Season


The ingenuity of criminals knows no bounds, especially when it comes to the holidays. You’d think that scammers would be merciful during this time of peace on Earth and goodwill to man. Nope. This is when they step up their scamming efforts, which means you need to be ever vigilant. Here are six scams to […]

Monsters aren’t Real, But Ransomware Sure Is!


Halloween is a time when creatures like ghosts and goblins are celebrated rather than feared. Even adults use the holiday to lighten up and enjoy themselves, as they’re well aware that the monsters so often seen and heard about in stories are fictional. Unfortunately, the fact remains that there are monsters hiding in plain sight […]

The Wolfman is an Executable Virus and 3 Other Monster/Malware Comparisons


It’s the time of year when we reflect on scary things. For an IT company, it doesn’t get much scarier than an organization’s network getting slammed with a malicious computer virus. There are a variety of really bad viruses out there, each one with its own unique ability to cause some scary results. The way […]

Star Wars Has Shaped Our Technology More Than You Know


It’s been a full 38 years since we were introduced to the Skywalker family in the first Star Wars film, “A New Hope.” The science fiction franchise has become such a cultural phenomenon that it even has its own holiday, celebrated galaxy-wide every May 4th (May the 4th be with you). As an IT company, […]

The Latest and Greatest in IT Automation Solutions


If you use the Internet, you’re aware of how heavy a presence cats possess. You can hardly navigate the web without seeing a hilarious cat meme, or four. Rather than admit that the human race is obsessed with these furry companions, what if the hairballs are using the Internet themselves and instigating a complete technology […]

Got Big Plans for World Backup Day? You Should


Internet users today are a little spooked, and for good reason. Stories of major hacks seem to perpetually be in the headlines. A hack attack can lead to stolen or compromised data, which is why backing up data is a crucial piece of every business continuity plan. For this purpose, World Backup Day 2015, March […]