4 Useful Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips


For the remote worker, video conferencing is an essential tool. Regardless if you are a veteran of using video conferencing or if you are a new remote worker, there are some tips that can help you be a more effective member of a remote team. Let’s go through four today. Test Your Connection and Hardware […]

Technology Can Fuel a Much More Productive Business


Would you describe your business as “productive?” Without setting a specific standard for productivity, you can’t answer this question. A basic way to measure productivity for your business is how effectively your employees use the tools at their disposal in conjunction with each individual’s capacity to get work done. Let’s take a look at some […]

Solid Practices to Improve Your Remote Team Management


After this prolonged pandemic, remote work has established itself as a key component of many organizations’ operational policies and infrastructures. However, it has added new levels of complexity that make managing a workforce more important than ever. Let’s discuss some ways management can improve the work experience for remote employees. Establishing Best Practices for Remote […]

The 5 Essential Features to Seek from a Conferencing Platform


These days you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that is not equipped to handle video conferencing in some way. The pandemic led many organizations to adopt these platforms, and as a result, these platforms have seen a dramatic increase in functionality and capability. We’d like to discuss some of the best features that your […]

Remote Collaboration is More than a 9-to-5 Gig


Businesses are different than ever before and that means that their employees have to do things differently. What do we mean by this? Well, as companies have been toying with the notion of removing the restraints of traditional work and allowing a larger percentage of their staff to work remotely, it changes the strategies somewhat. […]

Tip of the Week: 3 Things You Can Do to Boost Collaboration Effectiveness


Business is a collaborative effort, and no one individual putting in all the work will create the same results as a well-oiled group fueled by cooperative collaboration. To help your organization build this type of productive collaboration, we’ve put together three tips you can implement to maximize your team’s willingness and capabilities to work together. […]

Going Over the Basics of Collaboration Solutions


With businesses depending on technology more now than ever, it stands to reason that the collaboration solutions that are available would improve as demand increases. Today’s business needs a collaboration solution that allows them to communicate, manage tasks, and be a reliable solution for teams separated by more than just a wall. Let’s take a […]

Why a Document Management System Can Be Advantageous


“Paperwork” has long been associated closely with life in the office, but like so many other “classic” workplace elements, it has been replaced by more modern means. In this case, a Document Management System (or DMS) offers a small-to-medium-sized business far more utility than its predecessor, the filing cabinet. Understanding a Document Management System Picture, […]

Is 2021 the Year Your Business Embraces VoIP? (It Should Be)


Since its widespread adoption, the telephone has proved to be a hugely beneficial tool for businesses of all kinds… despite the considerable costs that it can incur. Fortunately for your business’ budget, however, there is a far more cost-effective means for you to enjoy the benefits of telephony: VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol. […]

How Listening to Your Team Can Improve Your Use of Technology


Business leadership is an important trait for more than just a business’ leader by title. It is something that should be present at every level, encouraged by the individual at the top. To do so, it helps to ask your team the right questions to put them in a mindset of responsibility for the business’ […]

There’s Scheduling, and Then There’s SMART Scheduling


A schedule has long been the tool of choice for businesses to uphold their productivity, despite the challenges that managing everyone’s schedule can often present. Fortunately, today’s cloud solutions provide a means to overcome these challenges. Let’s explore the idea of smart scheduling and how it can make your entire process so much simpler. Understanding […]

How to Set the Tone for Workplace Collaboration


Collaboration—one of the more popular workplace buzzwords you hear nowadays, it serves a very important function for any successful business. Therefore, establishing healthy collaborative processes should be considered a priority in any establishment’s operations. Let’s review what true collaboration is, and how you can lead your company towards more collaborative behaviors in your day-to-day undertakings. […]

How to Host a Hamilton Party Online


Hamilton had risen to be one of the most coveted theater tickets before the pandemic struck, having a low-end price tag of over $600, with a nine month wait. Now that the pandemic is in full swing, however, there is another option that enables you to catch the show. On July 3rd, the Tony-winning Broadway […]

The Cloud Can Contribute to Company Collaboration


Collaboration has always been key to the success of businesses, and with the cloud technologies now available, collaboration is possible in more ways than ever. COVID-19 has made business connectivity more important than ever, so we saw it fitting to recognize some of the cloud’s collaboration options. They come in a few distinct flavors: Communication […]

Tip of the Week: Eight Ways to Optimize Remote Productivity


There are a variety of reasons that you may find yourself working from home at some point or another. Whether there’s something going on at the office, you’re mindfully practicing social isolation, you’re home sick, or it is just an option you want to exercise, you need to be sure that you and the rest […]

How to Encourage Collaboration in Your Place of Work


Collaboration: it is the gold standard of teamwork that so many businesses seek. If your employees aren’t naturally drawn to the idea, however, there are some ways that you can help to sell the concept. Let’s discuss a few of the ways that you can coax your users into collaborative behaviors. Have Them Socialize Outside […]

Tip of the Week: How to Control File Sharing in OneDrive


Microsoft’s solutions are fairly common among businesses, so there’s a fair chance that you utilize Microsoft Office 365, which gives you access to Microsoft’s cloud storage solution, OneDrive. Using this, your users are better able to share documents and collaborate on them… but what if you don’t want your users sharing company documents willy-nilly? Today, […]

Collaboration Tools for SMBs


Useful collaboration tools can alter a business significantly by enabling cooperation that is impossible without them. How exactly these tools fit into your business is a whole other matter.  Today, we’re going to talk about how you can integrate some pretty great collaboration tools without turning your business upside down.  Cloud Productivity One option a […]

Five Reasons Video Conferencing is a Great Business Tool


Many businesses have turned to video conferencing as a promising communications solution for their workforces to leverage, and for good reason. There are assorted collaborative benefits that a company can enjoy by embracing video conferencing capabilities. Here, we’ll review five of them. Team Building Benefits Many modern businesses have employees who don’t always work in […]

Considerations for Your Business’ Collaboration


With business moving faster than it ever has before, it seems to be a no-brainer that collaboration is something that your business needs to focus on to remain competitive. Fortunately, there are many technologies and strategies that can be leveraged to help your business keep its collaborative and communicative efforts front-and-center. Hardware Fortunately, the biggest […]