Checking In on Windows 11 Adoption


Has your business implemented the next iteration of the Windows operating system yet, Windows 11? If not, you’re not alone; adoption has been progressing at a snail’s pace, and according to industry professionals, it’s not going to ramp up for quite some time. Still, recent surveys and polls indicate that Windows 11 adoption is far […]

Checking a Website’s Safety from Its Google Result


Google search is synonymous with searching the internet, but that hasn’t stopped them from constantly innovating the service. One of the most recent updates is to give users more context for the content that returns on search results. This works to protect users from potentially clicking on websites that could contain threats. Today, we discuss […]

Tip of the Week: Essential Information Technology Practices


Information technology is a critical tool for many businesses today, which means \\it is crucial that your IT is compliant to a few key best practices. Let’s go over these practices so that you have a roadmap to ensure that your operations can remain secure and productive. Keep Your IT Up-to-Date and Maintained Here’s the […]

Windows 7 Has Nearly Ticked Its Last Tock


It won’t be long before Microsoft retires two of its most popular operating systems – but hopefully, you already knew that. Microsoft has made a point of reminding Windows 7 users that they need to upgrade before January 14 – and yet, many users haven’t done so. By many, we mean about a quarter of […]

Why Your Technology Needs Upkeep, Updates, and Upgrades


There is no question that today’s business operations require technology, but even that doesn’t tell the whole story. Not only do businesses need technology, they need to maintain this technology as well. Below, we’ll review the three basic steps to technology maintenance… and how we can help simplify these steps for you. Upkeep is Simplified […]

Warning Signs that Your Computer Needs Replacing


Are the computers in your office beginning to show their age? Do you even know how old they are? For the sake of your productivity, it may be time to replace them for a newer model. We’ll go over some warning signs that your computers may be nearing their retirement age. How to Tell How […]

The Time Has Come for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2


Software solutions don’t last forever. While patches and security updates can stave off the inevitable for quite some time, it’s impossible to maintain a specific solution forever. Support is eventually cut off, and businesses are left exposed if they haven’t taken the time to prepare. In the case of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 […]

Save the Date: Microsoft Products End of Life


There are one of two reactions every person gets when they get a save-the-date card in the mail. They either are excited for an event or they realize that the event is going to cost them money. For today’s blog, we give you our version of save the date as some of the most widely […]

Security Concerns Have Led To New Voting Machines In Virginia


Regardless of your feelings on the matter, the 2016 United States presidential election was an extremely divisive one–in no small part, due to the suspicion that the outcome of the election may have been significantly influenced by hacked voting machines. This uncertainty has led to some states making strides to ensure that their technology will […]

What You Need to Know About Upgrading to Windows 10


It’s been over two years since Microsoft stopped providing Windows XP with security updates and patches. The Windows operating system was known as one of the most popular Windows operating systems ever. Both businesses and consumers were affected by this major update, being forced to migrate to more recent operating systems in order to stay […]

Some Microsoft Users are Getting Windows 10 Upgrades Against Their Will


Windows 10 might be the latest operating system from Microsoft, but despite its great new business-friendly features, many are still hesitant to upgrade. For those who don’t want Windows 10, there are reports of unwanted (and unexpected) Windows 10 updates. Now, here’s the big question: would you want your business’s software upgraded without your consent? […]

Tip of the Week: How to Know When Your Technology Needs to Be Replaced


Your business takes advantage of several different types of technology every day, but there comes a time when your tech needs to either be upgraded or replaced with better tools. This is part of the natural order of things; no technology solution can (or should) last forever, but if you don’t catch issues before they […]

Windows 10 On Pace to Be the Most Popular OS By 2017


With Windows 10 making leaps and bounds in the business environment, Microsoft has created another commercial success for both consumer use and workplace productivity. In recent weeks, Windows 10’s adoption has slowed significantly, but in a few years it’s expected to surpass other Windows operating systems in terms of usability. Gartner has made a prediction […]

Think Strategically When Upgrading Your Workstations


With technology growing faster than most businesses can keep up with, organizations have to continuously upgrade their solutions in order to maintain a semblance of modernity. The only issue with this is that many businesses can’t keep up, simply because they don’t have a team that’s dedicated to this important task. What technology upgrades should […]

Microsoft Salutes the US Navy for Sticking with Windows XP


Have you already arranged for your upgrade to Windows 10 on July 29th? If so, good for you. You’ve made a decision that, last year, several Windows XP users went without. However, those who went without upgrading to a more recent operating system are now feeling the effects of having to purchase custom support from […]

Tip of the Week: 3 Options to Consider Before Trashing Your Old Technology


It’s often the case that people excitedly upgrade to new technology without giving much thought about what to do with their old tech. In an upgrade situation like this, you’ve got a few options for dealing with your old technology that are good for the environment, socially responsible, and may even provide you with some […]