Data Sure is Neat, Part 2


How much information does your typical book hold? If you haven’t read it yet, go back and read our last blog about how much data is stored in the Library of Congress, then come back here to learn more about the everyday applications of data and how much we store on a day-to-day basis. Examining […]

Data Sure is Neat! Part 1


It isn’t a secret that technology has come so, so far as compared to just a short time ago. Take data, for instance. Let’s dive into why something so incredibly small is so incredibly important (and while we’re at it, how much space today’s data would take up in other formats). What is Data? To […]

Let’s Take a Look at 2023’s Business Trends


With 2023 sneaking up on us, you’ll need to consider the many challenges that businesses will face as we move into the new year. Many of these challenges can be remedied simply by implementing the right technology solutions, too! Inflation and Supply Chain Issues Will Linger COVID-19 has impacted the global economy on a scale […]

Will USB-C Eventually Replace HDMI Cables?


The next time you’re near a desktop, take a peek at the back where the motherboard’s various ports offer the opportunity to connect to different cable types. Many of these cables have overlapping functions—like the capabilities of USB and HDMI. Having said that, however, one of these cables will probably outlast its contemporary. Let’s examine […]

Make the IoT Work for Your Business


By now you’ve probably heard the term Internet of Things (IoT). You may not completely understand what it is, but you know it has something to do with all those “smart” devices that you see popping up everywhere. Today, we’d thought we’d get into what types of things are on the IoT and how they […]

Is Innovation Slowing to a Point of Concern?


Innovation is a driving force behind business, and it has been for essentially the entirety of human existence. The pandemic has brought about an era where businesses are producing solutions that have many new features, but these features don’t necessarily enhance or add anything to the customer experience. Let’s examine how this desire to stay […]

Technology for the Modern Law Practice


It’s important that attorneys have access to the important information and tools needed to enable them to do their jobs. When they can do so easily, they are able to bring in more revenue, take on more clients, and provide better services to their clientele. What kinds of technology do lawyers need to improve their […]

Small Businesses are Starting to Embrace AI


Artificial intelligence has several uses in the business world, many of which utilize machine learning. With greater access to this technology than ever before, small businesses have more opportunities to grow as a result. Let’s go over how SMBs can utilize AI, including how to get started with it. How Can Today’s Small Businesses Use […]

A Lot of the Tech We Use Today Was Once Science Fiction


When it comes to innovative new technologies, look no further for inspiration than good-old classic science-fiction and pop culture. You might be surprised by how many concepts first seen in works of fiction have made their way into our day-to-day lives. Let’s take a look at some of the more noteworthy examples. Mobile Phones/Smart Watches, […]

A Digital Signage Revamp Can Change Your Business’ Optics


Have you ever considered why the VoIP auto attendant feature is so valuable? When a person is greeted with directions that make their journey easier, it typically improves their general opinion of your business. The VoIP auto attendant feature helps guide you through their telephone system. Now, have you ever been to a place where […]

What Could a More Remote Future Potentially Look Like?


Widespread remote work is a relatively new method of operations for most businesses, but even with the limited amount of time it has been in play, the benefits it contributes have been made abundantly clear. Working on the assumption that remote work won’t be abandoned as quickly as it was adopted and instead may see […]

How to Properly Evaluate Your Security


How effective is your cybersecurity? It seems like a simple question, but no less important to consider and determine as the answer could be the difference between a prevented breach and a successful one. In order to keep track of your business’ cybersecurity preparedness, it is important that you regularly evaluate it. Let’s go through […]

Can Your Business Find VR Useful?


Virtual reality is pretty neat, and many of today’s applications include it as one of their headlining features. With major companies like Facebook, Sony, HTC, and HP buying into virtual reality, one has to question what VR can offer in a business setting. Virtual Reality Explained Some folks believe that VR is nothing more than […]

Technology Can Replace These Office Conventions


With so many changes in the office environment over the past several decades, it’s no wonder that some of the staples from way back when are no longer crucial to the success of any organization. Technology has driven many conventions of the old office environment into extinction, rendering them obsolete and, in some cases, pretty […]

While Useful, Remote Work Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be for the Climate


While we would never suggest that remote work is a bad thing, it wouldn’t be right for us to pretend that it is a perfect solution. It just isn’t. For a few glaring examples, let’s turn to the complicated impact that remote work can have on the environment. While we’ll still acknowledge the benefits of […]

Why a Document Management System Can Be Advantageous


“Paperwork” has long been associated closely with life in the office, but like so many other “classic” workplace elements, it has been replaced by more modern means. In this case, a Document Management System (or DMS) offers a small-to-medium-sized business far more utility than its predecessor, the filing cabinet. Understanding a Document Management System Picture, […]

2021 is Poised to Hold Some Big IT Challenges to Overcome


Considering that 2020 was… less than great for many businesses, it should come as no surprise that there will likely be difficulties that carry on for some time into 2021. Naturally, these difficulties will require some new ideas and fresh thinking to properly resolve, as well as an openness to adopting innovative technologies. Let’s look […]

Are These Technologies Protecting Your Operational Security?


With businesses slowly resuming their operations, it is effectively guaranteed that this process will be bumpy. However, this in and of itself presents an opportunity for these businesses to improve their operations for long-term benefits. Whether you are actively opening your doors or ramping up to do so, you need to have today’s technology supporting […]

More Industries are Seeing Accountability and Security with Blockchain


Blockchain is one of the most dynamic new technologies, but up until recently, there hasn’t been a lot accomplished in the way of creating viable distributed software titles. In fact, the most recognized technology created with blockchain is cryptocurrency. This says quite a bit. Today, we’ll look at blockchain-enhanced software and how it’s only a […]

Looking at Business Technology Trends from CES 2020


The Consumer Electronics Show is where people get to see emerging technologies first. Typically thought of as an event where innovations in, well, consumer electronics are put on display, a lot of the technology on display at CES can be big news for businesses as well. Today, we are going to review some trends that […]