Are You Budgeting Enough for Security?


Cyberattacks have caused many millions of dollars worth of damage to businesses over the past several years, so it makes sense that your business should invest in its cybersecurity to mitigate these damages. That said, there is only so much you can invest into your cybersecurity budget, as you have to factor in other parts […]

Securing Your Endpoints Can Help Thwart Cybersecurity Troubles


How many devices or points of access do you have for your business’ data infrastructure? Chances are it’s more than you think, at least at first glance. If you count up all the mobile devices, server units, workstations, laptops, and so on that have access to your network, you might suddenly realize how important it […]

Are Chrome’s Zero-Day Threats Actually a Good Thing?


With Google Chrome being one of the most popular web browsers out there, it’s no surprise that threats want to target it and take advantage of its users. However, up until recently, there have not been very many zero-day threats associated with Chrome. Zero-day threats are attacks that have never been seen before, affecting a […]

Businesses Should Consider Partnering with a Security Operations Center (SOC)


Cybersecurity is incredibly important for any organization that requires IT to remain operational (basically all of them), so it’s time to start thinking about your own strategies and how you can keep threats out of your network. One viable solution your business can implement is a Security Operations Center (SOC). What is a SOC, and […]

How to Get Your People on Board with Your Security Strategy


It can be tough to get your staff to care about your business’ network security, especially if they don’t consider it part of their day-to-day tasks or responsibilities. However, network security is not just isolated to your IT department; it matters to everyone, and if you can convince your staff to adhere to best practices, […]

Preparing for the Next Wave of Cyberthreats


The past couple of years have been difficult for businesses, regardless of if they are large organizations or small businesses. Likewise, cybersecurity has been a challenge. Let’s take a look at what 2022 could pose for cybersecurity, especially considering recent trends. Prediction: Attacks Will Shift in Method and Severity The increase in remote and hybrid […]

Network Security Cannot Be Ignored


You see the headlines every single day while browsing the Internet: “So-and-So Suffers Massive Data Breach” or “Huge Data Breach Leaves Thousands of Credentials Exposed to Hackers.” Maybe you don’t see these specific headlines, but you get the idea; cybersecurity is a big deal these days, and you need to take it seriously before your […]

In the Wrong Hands, AI is Dangerous


Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a technology that many industries have found themselves benefiting greatly from, especially in the domains of cybersecurity and automation. Unfortunately, for every one great use of something, hackers will find two bad uses for it. AI has dramatically changed the landscape of cybersecurity and, more interestingly, cybercrime. Let’s take a […]

Companies Are Using AI to Shield Their Network from Outside Threats


Businesses need all of the advantages they can get against threats, especially considering the fact that many of them adapt and evolve in response to advances in security measures. Some security researchers are seeing great success with artificial intelligence measures, a concept that could eventually become the future of network security in the business world. […]

It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Remote Network Security


Today’s cybersecurity landscape is dangerous, to say the least, prompting many organizations to adopt what is called a zero-trust policy for their security standards. Is a zero-trust policy the best solution for your company’s cybersecurity woes, and how effective is it toward preventing security issues? Let’s take a look. What Does Zero-Trust Actually Mean? According […]

4 IT Errors Every Small Business Needs to Avoid


Technology is often a source of struggle for small businesses, usually for one of two reasons. Either the strong IT leadership needed isn’t there, or there aren’t enough resources to support the level of IT management and maintenance that businesses need. Of course, there are other mistakes that can easily be made when it comes […]

These Are the Most Likely Threats Your Small Business Will Face


Data breaches are a well-known fact in the business environment, and small businesses in particular have many challenges that threaten their operations. It is important that you consider these security issues when putting together your risk management strategy, especially as it pertains to cybersecurity. Let’s take a look at how you can overcome some of […]

How Often Should You Train Your Team on Cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity is an important part of running a business, especially in today’s age of ransomware and other high-profile hacks. It stands to reason that you periodically assess how effective your security practices are and how well-prepared your team is to respond to threats, but how often should you do so? Let’s take a closer look. […]

Include Your Staff in Your Security Strategies


When it comes to cybersecurity, your employees are simultaneously your biggest benefit and your most glaring weakness. This can be outlined in the telling of one story that emerged from automaker Tesla. Let’s take a look at the particulars. Tesla’s Near-Sabotage In August 2020, a Russian businessman was indicted on charges of conspiracy to intentionally […]

Why You Need to Keep an Eye on Your Data


When a company operates primarily via the Internet, there seems to be an inherent trust that their audience naturally has. There’s little-to-no doubt that all promises will be kept and that all data shared with them will be fully secured, but is this confidence appropriately placed? While we can’t speak to the promises these companies […]

Why It’s Paramount to Keep Security in Mind


Over the last few years, there has been a meteoric rise in cybercrime, with nothing to indicate that rates will decrease anytime soon. Why would they? Bad actors and cybercriminals can make a pretty penny by attacking businesses, and they are only becoming more equipped and experienced in doing so.  The past few years have […]

Microsoft Releases Rare Bug Fix Off of Regular Patch Schedule


Most of us like to take matters into our own hands, almost to a point where we might refer to ourselves as control freaks. So, when it comes to letting other people or even our own devices update themselves, we tend to click “remind me later” or “don’t ask me again”. Patches however, are a […]

How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Face of Cybersecurity?


If you are concerned about your business’ ability to keep its network secure and data protected, you’re not alone. More businesses than ever are utilizing modern strategies to ensure that their networks are safe, their hardware is stable, and that their data stays secure. With the continual shifts we are seeing in the threat landscape […]

URL Manipulation and What to Do About It


Most people know what a URL is. It’s the address of a website, typically starting with http:// or https://, and it is essentially the location of a web page or application that can be accessed through a web browser or application. Nowadays, URLs are being manipulated by actors for both positive and negative means. Let’s […]