How Often Should You Train Your Team on Cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity is an important part of running a business, especially in today’s age of ransomware and other high-profile hacks. It stands to reason that you periodically assess how effective your security practices are and how well-prepared your team is to respond to threats, but how often should you do so? Let’s take a closer look.

How Often Should You Train and Evaluate Your Team in Cybersecurity Practices?

With how commonplace security threats are today, you need to ensure that your security is as comprehensive as possible. While you can implement powerful security software that can alleviate some of the issues related to network security, it is crucial to remember that these solutions are only as effective as your staff’s understanding of network security. You must prepare your team to handle cybersecurity events appropriately. Here are some ways that you can make sure your cybersecurity training is up to snuff.


Sharing training materials with your team is great, but the frequency at which it happens can make or break the experience. A once-a-year pow-wow is not going to do the trick, as cyberthreats are far too prevalent and constantly changing for an annual training to be effective enough. More frequent training is going to be more effective for protecting your organization’s network and informing your team on how to do their jobs in the most secure way possible.


When we talk about reinforcement, we mean taking what is learned during these training sessions and applying it to real-life scenarios. In other words, showing rather than telling. If you simulate cyberattacks that show how real-life threats operate, you can test your employees’ abilities to react to them.

How Often Should You Train, and Test, Your Team?

Proper security training is not something that happens once; it’s something that happens regularly throughout an employees’ tenure at your organization. Today’s threat landscape is always trying to one-up security standards, and if you fail to keep up with these constantly evolving threats, you are placing your business at risk needlessly.

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