Securing Every Endpoint is Important to Maintaining Security


Sometimes it can be easy to take cybersecurity for granted, especially when you consider that built-in security features are more powerful than they have ever been. Unfortunately, if you think that cybersecurity is something that ends with the built-in security of your desktops and laptops, then you’re in for a rude awakening. Most Devices Are […]

What is It that Impacts the Quality of Your Internet Connection?


For something as fundamental to a business’ processes as its Internet connectivity, it can be challenging to determine how reliable and fast your Internet connection is. We wanted to review the different factors that would impact the connectivity that your business gets. What Impacts My Business Internet Speeds? There are assorted influences that need to […]

Avoiding Network Bottlenecks Can Help Your Business Be More Productive


As time passes and your business accomplishes great things, you might find yourself in positions where your network cannot handle its normal everyday workload. When there is so much network traffic and data transference, it can be difficult to identify where and why this slowdown occurs. What is a network bottleneck, and how can you […]

What the Recent Internet Outage Tells Us About Its Potential Vulnerability


Over the week of June 14, a lot of applications and websites experienced outages, creating problems for many companies until it was resolved. Not only did these outages create business continuity issues, they’ve also exposed just how vulnerable the Internet is to these kinds of issues. Let’s take a look at what happened. To begin, […]

What Exactly Is a VPN?


One of the major shifts we’ve seen in business in 2020 is the establishment of the remote workforce. Stay-at-home orders brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary for businesses to find solutions on how to securely transfer information from what could be unprotected networks. The virtual private network is a solution to this […]

How to Establish Fast, Secure Wi-Fi for Guests to Your Healthcare Organization


Patients and hospital visitors have come to expect Wi-Fi internet access. It’s no longer seen as an extra convenience, but a requirement for the comfort and confidence of your patients. That said, it’s your responsibility to provide reliable Wi-Fi access that is reasonably fast, secure, and easy to sign into. Your Main Hospital Wireless Network […]

Should You Use Wired or Wireless Connections?


It hasn’t been too long since connectivity required an actual physical connection between the connecting endpoints, making a wired connection the de facto option for businesses. However, now that wireless connectivity is so widely available, businesses now have a choice… but which is the better option? Let’s compare some of the pros of each to […]

Improve Your Business With These Documentation Practices


With the amount of technology that the modern business relies on today, each business needs to maintain comprehensive documentation outlining it. As a managed service provider, we can provide an expert perspective on what needs to be included in this documentation. Let’s get into it. What Should My Documentation Include? Basically, your documentation should be […]

VoIP Can Replace Analog Phone Systems


It’s true that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is probably going to be cheaper than using an enterprise phone system through your regional phone company. While cost reduction is a good reason to choose a service, VoIP does much more than just reduce communication costs. Implementing a VoIP platform also presents a lot of solid […]

What Does Your Business’ IT Infrastructure Look Like?


Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) simply don’t have the large budgets that come with running an enterprise, and because of this, many of them have trouble affording IT maintenance and management. In a similar sense, these smaller organizations struggle with planning out an IT infrastructure. Does your business have a plan in place? What Does […]

Getting to Know About Phishing Attacks Can Keep Your Business Safe


There’s a big reason why phishing is a primary threat to businesses, and it’s because this method gives hackers a relatively risk-free way of gaining access to a network or other resources. Even being aware of the issue is often not enough to prevent it, as hackers are known to get quite aggressive and crafty […]

How to Get the Best Wireless Connections in Your Office


There are plenty of small irritations to be found in the office, from a pot of coffee that someone neglected to refill to the sound of a squeaky chair under the office fidgetier. However, none are quite as infuriating (or as detrimental to productivity) as an inconsistent Wi-Fi signal. What makes the Wi-Fi so spotty, […]

Increased Network Complexity Necessitates Shifts in Monitoring Strategies


Businesses of all sizes have come to depend on their IT for productivity. IT administrators that constantly monitor their network and infrastructure reduce downtime, leading to higher resource availability. With the increasingly complex makeup of an organization’s network this becomes quite the task. What Makes a Network Complex? First we should mention that computers are […]

The Internet of Things Gives Great Power to Our Phones


The Internet of Things is a bit of a paradox in and of itself. It has been leveraged to accomplish great things, but at the same time, it can be used in a way that can create considerable problems. However, innovations have proven that the IoT isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon, especially now that it […]

Tech Term: Modems and Routers Defined


The Internet is an amazing tool, only bolstered by our ability to access it wirelessly – but what do you know about the devices that allow us to access it, namely, modems and routers? Do you know what each does? For today’s tech term, we’ll dive into exactly that. First, it is important to understand […]

A Maintained Network Is Better For Business


It can be challenging and costly to maintain your business’ network system, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. A managed service provider can help your business achieve all of its technology-related goals, including regular network maintenance. You might be surprised by how many benefits proactive network maintenance can provide for your organization. Less Support […]

Tip of the Week: 4 Easy Tips to Boost Your WiFi Signal


Your wireless router is both an integral part of your business’s online infrastructure, and a critical part of your home computing environment. Therefore, you need to make sure that your router is broadcasting a clear signal. Here are some tips on how to keep your wireless signal as strong as possible, regardless of where you […]

3 Technologies That Will Give Your Remote Workers the Edge


More businesses than ever before are finding value in allowing their workers to work from the comfort of their own homes, rather than have them drive all the way to the office to do a job that can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection. More importantly, it’s much more cost effective for businesses […]

Tip of the Week: Spot a DDoS Attack Before it Takes Down Your Network


Direct denial of service attacks are a major problem for businesses. On one hand, they’re difficult to prevent entirely, incredibly annoying, and costly. Hackers are realizing just how annoying DDoS attacks can be, and are capitalizing on them in order to both make a quick buck, and to take jabs at organizations that aren’t necessarily […]

Tip of the Week: Use This Security Checklist to Protect Your Network


As a business professional, you have a responsibility to ensure that your company’s network and data is protected from hacking attacks. It can be difficult to remember to take all of the necessary precautions, but with our help, you can easily outline all of the measures that should be taken to maximize security for corporate […]