Can Your Business Find VR Useful?


Virtual reality is pretty neat, and many of today’s applications include it as one of their headlining features. With major companies like Facebook, Sony, HTC, and HP buying into virtual reality, one has to question what VR can offer in a business setting. Virtual Reality Explained Some folks believe that VR is nothing more than […]

Virtual Reality has a Limitless Future


Virtual reality, or VR, is a technology that not many people understand how to make the most of. Most people’s experiences with VR is something that is achieved through a third-party application, be it a smartphone or a full-fledged headset. Most of those who experience VR do so without a first-person perspective, with only 16 […]

How Virtual Reality Could Help Paraplegics Walk Again


Virtual reality is a major contender for the next big technology to hit the business industry, and it’s been able to accomplish what modern neuroscience could not. In the medical sector, virtual reality has been tested on paraplegic patients in attempts to help them walk again using brain-controlled robotic limbs. However, these innovations have yielded […]

4 Game-Changing Virtual Reality Technologies


Entertainment has become such a huge part of technology consumption that nobody can think of a smartphone or the Internet without immediately thinking about it. In fact, entertainment has grown so important that some are trying to create machines that integrate virtual realities into the lives of everyday consumers. What is virtual reality, and is […]