Tip of the Week: How to Charge Your Mobile Device Battery Faster


Most of the time, you don’t care about how long it takes to charge your device’s battery–that is, until you find yourself in a bind and need a full charge ASAP! It’s in a moment like this when you frantically ask the question, “Is there any way to make this battery charge any faster!?” Fortunately, […]

3 Ways VoIP Phone Systems are Superior to Traditional Landlines


Compared to traditional telephone solutions, software-based phone systems have become a major opportunity for businesses to cut costs and improve efficiency. Even if traditional phone systems have their uses, VoIP still wins out by eliminating unnecessary costs and simplifying your business’s physical infrastructure. You might find that VoIP has a place in your office, too. […]

3 Talk-to-Text Apps that Get the Job Done


Mobile platforms have given way to entirely new ways to develop and make use of apps. More business professionals than ever before are relying on their smartphones to get work done while out of the office, but the functionality of the on-screen keyboard interface has some of them stumped on how to stay productive. It’s […]

Tip of the Week: The Top 5 Mistakes that Ruin Mobile Devices


To get the most life out of your smartphone, you’re going to want to properly take care of it. Of course, this is easier said than done for a small device that’s prone to being dropped and subject to the many dangers of being transported. Here are five smartphone practices to avoid if you want […]

Tip of the Week: 4 Social Taboos Smartphone Users Should Never Break


Cellphone etiquette goes hand-in-hand with common sense. Here are four cellphone etiquette tips that every device owner should know. Don’t Use Your Phone During MealtimeMealtime is a social time for pretty much every culture around the globe. During this time, it’s expected that you are fully present and engaged in conversation–which is super hard to […]

The Newest Smartphones From Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft


Smartphones are firmly established as a staple of modern society. In fact, sales of smartphones grew a whopping 23 percent during the previous year. It’s the nature of mobile devices for consumers to look forward to the latest models. To that end, here’s our preview of this year’s top three smartphones. Due to the sheer […]