Frustrated by Your Android Device Lately? A Bad Update Might be Why


With a global market share of 71.9 percent, the Android operating system that Google provides is well and away the most utilized there is today. Despite the fact that different phone manufacturers will fiddle with the OS to fit into the devices they create, Android tends to be pretty stable—which is part of the reason […]

What to Do Immediately If You’ve Lost Your Phone


In our last blog we gave you some advice on what to do if your phone has gone missing, but if it has been stolen or lost for good, there are more pressing issues than the anger and loss you feel; you need to ensure that you and the people you do business with are […]

How to Find Your Lost iPhone or Android Smartphone


Imagine for a second you are out to a socially distant dinner date with the friends that you barely get to see. You wrap up dinner and say your goodbyes and when you get to your car you realize that you don’t have your phone. COMPLETE PANIC! Your whole life is on your phone. Now […]

Tip of the Week: Simple Solutions to a Few Android Problems


While the Android platform is a highly capable mobile platform, there are a few oddities baked in that can create some annoyances for the user. To help you out, we’ve assembled a few tips to help you prevent these annoyances from impacting your use of your mobile device. Screen Rotating Too Much? Lock It in […]

How to Make the Most of Mobile Device Management


The concept of remote work is closely tied to mobility, which means that solutions and strategies that promote this mobility are particularly important for businesses to adopt if they are interested in benefiting from remote operations. Mobile device management is one such solution. Let’s go over a few key practices to successfully using MDM to […]

What’s the Best Way to Secure Your Mobile Device?


Smartphones now come with a variety of ways that users can elect to unlock their device, from biometrics to tactile patterns to good, relatively old-fashioned personal identification numbers. Of course, not all these authentication measures secure your phone equally well. Let’s consider some of these measures to determine which one is best for your device’s […]

Tip of the Week: Warning Signs of a Mobile Malware Infection


If you’re the average business user today, you probably rely on a smartphone to manage much of your life, both personally and in the professional sense. As our phones have become so central to our lives, hackers now have the opportunity to attack through malicious applications. For this week’s tip, we wanted to go over […]

Tip of the Week: Your Phone Can Work as Your Security Key


If you’re like most people nowadays, your mobile phone is currently well within your reach (and that’s assuming you aren’t reading this blog on it). The fact that most people keep their phone on them at all times has greatly contributed to these devices becoming a part of any given work-related process. One major way […]

Tip of the Week: Locating a Misplaced Smartphone


The great thing about smartphones, in a business sense, is how portable they are – you can literally be productive almost anywhere. Unfortunately, this also means that they can be lost almost anywhere. Luckily, there just so happens to be a feature built into Android that can help you find yours. The Stakes Are High […]

Powerful Smartphones That are Currently On the Market


With the new innovations made to smartphones every year, you’d be hard-pressed to understand how the global smartphone has hit the skid. While Apple and Samsung sit pretty with large market shares, manufacturers that we’ve come to expect near the top of the smartphone market: Blackberry, HTC, and Nokia are but bit players. Their largest […]

Fingers Crossed! The Robocalls May Soon Stop


While many of us rely on phones to remain productive during the day, too often are we now picking up the phone to a spammer’s snake-oil sale: “Hello, we are reaching out to inform you that there has been an issue with your account” or similar nonsense. While this is enough of an irritant in […]

Encryption Helps Keep your Smartphone Secure


These days everyone has a smartphone; and, they can do some pretty incredible things. One place that the average smartphone may seem to be a little loose is in the arena of data security. Today’s smartphones do, in fact, come with encryption by default, so there is some semblance of device security on every device. […]

Tip of the Week: How to Transfer Apps to a New Phone


There is little that is more satisfying than obtaining a new phone. However, this sense of satisfaction is often undermined by the need to get your applications and data to ensure that your new device has everything you normally use installed. For this week’s tip, we’ll go over a method of making this process easier […]

11 Ways to Enhance Android Security


It should come as no surprise that hackers are always trying to get ahead of security developers, just as it should be no surprise that these hackers often target the Android operating system. After all, the Android OS is used on mobile devices all over the world. If your business leverages these devices, there are […]

Tip of the Week: Drag and Drop Between Android and Windows


Smartphones have proven to be excellent devices for enhancing an employee’s ability to be productive while mobile. However, this approach often means that company work is now on an employee’s mobile device, instead of on your network. This issue can be easily resolved if the mobile device in question runs the Android OS. We’ll go […]

Tip of the Week: 4 Accessories Every Smartphone Needs


Smartphones are very convenient technologies, but with a couple of improvements to your device repertoire, you can drastically improve both your user experience and the value of your device. Here are four smartphone accessories that can enhance the way you use your mobile device. Portable Battery PackSometimes, no matter how much you charge your battery, […]

4 Crazy Facts About Smartphones You Probably Didn’t Know


You may feel like you’re familiarized with everything your smartphone can do; yet, there are still some little-known things about smartphones that may surprise you. Take for example these four smartphone facts from List25. Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone’s Battery There’s a day coming when you’ll be able to charge your smartphone wirelessly using radio waves. […]

Is the “Send Me to Heaven” App the Best Technology Prank Ever? [VIDEO]


If someone asked you to throw your expensive smartphone high up into the air and risk dropping it, just for the fun of it, you would probably say no. However, for the hundreds of thousands of smartphone users who have downloaded an app designed to do just that, they may have fallen for one of […]

Tip of the Week: 7 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Android’s Battery


One experience shared by every mobile device user is batteries losing power faster than they’d like. Until someone invents a battery that never again needs to be recharged, this struggle will always be real. Here are seven ways to make your mobile device’s battery last longer. Dim Your ScreenGo to Settings > Display and toggle […]

7 Signs of Smartphone Addiction and 4 Things You Can Do About It


There’s no doubt that smartphones are one of the greatest achievements in modern technology. Compared to computers from several years ago, the average smartphone is vastly more powerful. Coupled with mobility, the smartphone is a productivity machine that helps you get more done in your day. Despite these advantages, you might be a little too […]