Small Businesses are Starting to Embrace AI


Artificial intelligence has several uses in the business world, many of which utilize machine learning. With greater access to this technology than ever before, small businesses have more opportunities to grow as a result. Let’s go over how SMBs can utilize AI, including how to get started with it. How Can Today’s Small Businesses Use […]

When It Comes to Cybersecurity, Consider a Top-Down Approach


Cybersecurity is one aspect of running a business that absolutely cannot be underestimated in its importance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge enterprise or a small business; if you don’t take cybersecurity seriously, there is a very real possibility that your organization could be threatened in the near future. The easiest way to ensure […]

Five Solutions to Simplify Remote Work Strategies


Working from home adds quite a few additional wrinkles into the workday, including a few that pertain to your team’s communicative capabilities. With many different people operating at their best through different forms of communication, establishing which of these forms best suits your needs is crucial. Let us consider some of the options you have, […]

Taking a Close-Up Look at the 3-2-1 Backup Rule


Data, at least nowadays, effectively makes the world go ‘round. Data is responsible for powering the operations that a business needs to undergo if it is to survive. This—as you may imagine—makes data incredibly important for businesses of all sizes to protect. There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of a concept known as the […]

Older IT Practices That Still Hold Up


While looking to the past isn’t often an idea tied to information technology, there are times when it can play a valuable role in your strategy for it. Let’s look at some modern IT concepts that rely on foundational ideas set back in the day. Securing Your Business Hardware Ensuring that your business’ hardware infrastructure […]

How SMBs Use Social Media


Social media companies are some of the most powerful entities in today’s world. Their ability to connect people with others of like mind or specific wants and needs often goes overlooked because much of the experience of operating online in today’s climate is adversarial. With the average user spending roughly two hours and 24 minutes […]

IoT Can Really Make a Difference for Your Business


For a couple years leading up to 2020, the Internet of Things was all the rage, but for obvious reasons, IoT hasn’t been at the top of many IT administrator’s minds unless it was in an effort to secure file access for the endpoints of a newly remote workforce. Despite the questions surrounding revenue and […]

It’s Time to Audit Your IT


Unfortunately, small businesses are having a hard time right now. If your operations are to continue throughout this time, some significant changes are going to be required. Here, we’re looking at how you can use current technologies to help sustain your business. Chances are, you may already have these technologies available to you. Making the […]

Three Facets of Security to Focus On


When it comes to a business’ cybersecurity, there is no magic bullet to solve every problem. No miracle cure, no panacea, no Staples “that was easy” button. Instead, you need to deploy various means of protecting your operations. Let’s discuss how your business’ security needs to be shaped in three different environments: your physical infrastructure, […]

VoIP Can Replace Analog Phone Systems


It’s true that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is probably going to be cheaper than using an enterprise phone system through your regional phone company. While cost reduction is a good reason to choose a service, VoIP does much more than just reduce communication costs. Implementing a VoIP platform also presents a lot of solid […]

IT Trends SMBs Should Focus On in 2020


Technology is a key part of operating a business nowadays, which is why advancements in business technology solutions are so important for organizations to keep pace with. Let’s review a few solutions and technologies that we predict businesses will (or at least, should) focus on this year. Business Automation As businesses have strict cost considerations […]

Tip of the Week: How to Get the Most from Your IT Budget


As any business owner knows too well, a budget is a very finite thing – and this can seem to be doubly the case when trying to budget for your business’ technology. Fortunately, there are also a few ways that technology can help you save some capital. Here, we’re offering some tips to help you […]

Are You Leveraging these Invaluable Business Tools?


Technology has enabled businesses to do more with less, although this isn’t always the best thing. Many small businesses simply feel that they don’t have the technology solutions that properly resolve their challenges. However, these solutions exist, and offer all the robust functionality that many businesses seek. Here, we’ll commit some time to examining the […]

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses are Using Enterprise Technology


Compared to an enterprise corporation, a small-to-medium-sized business is going to have far fewer resources, especially in terms of its IT. Having said this, an SMB isn’t necessarily without a few quality options. Let’s review the needs that any business needs to have filled, and how they can do so with the right solutions. Need […]

United States Citizens Demand Data Privacy… How Will It Impact Your Business?


With over 90 percent of people in the United States feeling as though their data is out of their hands, it should come as little surprise that many are looking towards the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation as inspiration. However, how close is the United States to passing this kind of legislation… and how […]

Unpaid Invoices Were a $825 Billion Problem Last Year


Businesses exist to make money. Regardless of what that money is intended for, be it to sustain someone’s lifestyle or to bankroll a cause, a business will cease to be without an incoming cash flow. Unfortunately, unpaid invoices can make that cash flow stutter and slow to a trickle, and many businesses experience this problem […]

Net Neutrality Still Needs Your Help!


December 14th is the last day that our government representatives can vote whether or not to continue the Internet’s protection under the net neutrality rules established in 2015. Without these rules in place, your data can be analyzed by your Internet service provider, and they are free to act on that knowledge and manipulate your […]

What to Expect from IT in 2018


As one of the most famous head coaches in NFL history, Vince Lombardi has several quotes that can be applied to success. One particular statement to note is “If you are five minutes early, you are already ten minutes late.” As it turns out, this quote inadvertently refers to technology. The technology industry moves a […]

Managed IT Can Help SMBs Tackle These 3 Common Challenges


It’s only natural that new and improved technologies will be challenging for employees to embrace and become accustomed to using. These challenges tend to shape how businesses will make their decisions as time passes. A few industry research firms have released their projections as to what challenges businesses will face in the coming months of […]

Tip of the Week: 3 Ways the Cloud Streamlines Operations for SMBs


The cloud is a great asset that your business can use to your business’ operational efficiency, but only if you’ve put plenty of thought into the implementation process. Since the same cloud solution likely won’t work in the same way for two different organizations, you’ll need to intimately know what your business needs so that […]