IoT Can Really Make a Difference for Your Business


For a couple years leading up to 2020, the Internet of Things was all the rage, but for obvious reasons, IoT hasn’t been at the top of many IT administrator’s minds unless it was in an effort to secure file access for the endpoints of a newly remote workforce. Despite the questions surrounding revenue and budgets, IoT can bring a lot of value to the small business. Let’s take a look at today’s IoT and talk about a few options that you can use for yours.

The IoT

The Internet of Things has been growing incredibly fast over the past five years, but many small business owners don’t know where it fits. That’s because there are tens of millions of devices that could actually serve some purpose for their businesses and basically have buyer’s paralysis or are skeptical that integrating these tools is going to save them money. Here are some ways that the IoT could be used to do just that.


Since physical security is almost certainly a priority for your business, the IoT presents several options that can be used to promote solid security standards. Products such as smart camera systems, smart locks, and other Internet-fueled security solutions can be of great benefit as they will allow a business to have both strong security and deterrents, while also having the ability to manage the system remotely.  

Lighting and HVAC

For many small businesses heating, cooling, and power costs can be prohibitive to their ability to function the way they want. IoT tools are now being developed with the ability to read the situation in your business and adjust the utilities to save capital. The more you save on utilities, the more you can spend on your business. 

RFID Sensors for Inventory Control

RFID sensors have been used for some time. Today, businesses are using them to track their inventories and supply chains. Using IoT devices with inventory control software, a business can now track fast-moving systems such as resource and product procurement and make orders should the inventory get low. The consistency and reliability of these systems can automate large portions of the procurement and inventory management process without a business missing a beat.

Mobile Card Readers

The average small business pays a lot in credit card fees. With mobile card readers, a simple app and dongle can transform a tablet or smartphone into a register. With a fee structure that works to save small businesses money, with card readers they aren’t losing their PCI DSS regulatory compliance; a big deal for the growing business.

As stated above, there are millions of IoT tools out there that can actually help you manage your business or help reduce costs. If you are interested in learning how IoT deployments can help your business, call us today at 810.230.9455 and our knowledgeable consultants will take you through how Internet and cloud-connected technology can help you transfer your costs and provide you with the innovative tools you need to grow your business.