Are Utilities as Secure as They Should Be?


Recently, a story broke in Florida that sounds like something out of a terse action film: a hacker managed to access a water treatment facility and subjected the Pinellas County water supply with increased levels of sodium hydroxide. While onsite operators were able to correct the issue right away and keep the public safe from […]

Are You Looking to Buy a New Server?


So your small business needs a new server. What are your options? Do you know what they are? Today, we’ll try to shed some light on how you should look at the server-buying process and what your organization’s options are.  Business Servers When you are looking for servers, there is a pretty good chance that […]

What is Nanotechnology, and How Can it Be Used?


Technology is seemingly being made smaller and smaller. Just think about the size of the computers from the mid ‘90s until now. Sure, you can still buy huge a gaming PC with a four-foot tower with liquid cooling, or one that is a fish tank (complete with fake fish); but, the computer you use the […]

ALERT: Meltdown/Spectre Hardware Vulnerability Requires Action


Just a few months after finding themselves in a firmware fiasco, Intel is making news for all the wrong reasons. This issue had the potential to affect the CPU of a device, causing a severe dip in the performance of the device. In a blog post by a user going by the name Python Sweetness, […]