Tip of the Week: Designing an Effective Work-from-Home Workstation


Working from home has made it clear to many that they weren’t prepared to do so—not by a long shot. In addition to the many other stresses that came with these challenging times, the lack of a sufficient and proper workspace has proved to have its impacts on the human body. To perhaps help remedy […]

How Blockchain is Changing Health Technology


You’d think that the healthcare industry would be at the very cutting-edge when it comes to information technology implementation. That isn’t always the case. One technology that developers are really looking to take advantage of in the healthcare space is blockchain. The technology behind cryptocurrency is being used to help patients better control their care. […]

Keep the Pandemic from Plundering Your Profitability


As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, affecting hundreds of thousands of people, and keeping hundreds of millions at home, the beginnings of recessionary fear have begun to hit small businesses. Today, we will go through a few elements that will help you get your business through this (and many other) anxious times.  The first thing […]

Step Away to Avoid Burnout


When someone tells you to recharge your battery, how do you interpret it? In today’s increasingly digital office, you might misinterpret this statement as charging your laptop or smartphone, but in reality, we’re talking about your internal battery. If you constantly find yourself exhausted from your work, perhaps you should take some time to reevaluate […]

From Heart Attack to Hack Attack: Hackers Can Now Control Pacemakers


Medical technology has allowed for vast improvements in the way that conditions are treated. For example, the pacemaker allows some people with heart conditions to live longer and more comfortably. However, a European research team has concluded that even pacemakers are susceptible to being hacked, with deadly results. The researchers made a note to describe […]

How Virtual Reality Could Help Paraplegics Walk Again


Virtual reality is a major contender for the next big technology to hit the business industry, and it’s been able to accomplish what modern neuroscience could not. In the medical sector, virtual reality has been tested on paraplegic patients in attempts to help them walk again using brain-controlled robotic limbs. However, these innovations have yielded […]

Tip of the Week: 4 Easy Changes to Make Your Workspace More Comfortable


Sitting at a desk all day is probably the worst thing you can do for your health. The average office worker sits for 9.7 hours each day and after one hour of sitting the production of enzymes that burn fat declines by as much as 90 percent, significantly slowing metabolism. Then there’s ongoing back pain […]

Can Technology Cure Blindness? We’ll See!


Wireless technology is a staple in the office, but it’s making leaps and bounds in the medical industry, too. With innovations like wireless sensors, pumps, and other Internet of Things devices that can communicate with each other, medical care can be provided in unprecedented ways. But what would you say if we told you that […]

What If You Never Had to Go to the Doctor’s Office Again?


Remote technology is so efficient and popular that it’s infiltrating many industries that you’d be surprised to hear about. One such sector is the healthcare department. Some doctors are taking advantage of the leaps and bounds made by technology to help their patients get back on their feet as easily as possible. As managed service […]