Is USB Type-C the Answer for Fast Data Transfer?


You might use USB every day for your general technology needs, but do you know the difference between the various kinds of USB? This week’s tech term is dedicated to investigating the different types of Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports, including its history, development, and uses. The Origins of USB First developed and implemented in […]

Without Protection, Your USB Ports Could Become RIP Ports


It seems like everything available today can function with a USB connection, be it a thumb drive, device charger, or a desktop device–there are even USB-powered mini fridges meant for a single soda can. Unfortunately, “everything” includes malicious devices and malware. If a USB drive is infected by malware, you can put your computer and […]

USB vs Wireless vs Bluetooth: Which is the Best for Tethering?


Using your smartphone to tether another device like a laptop to the Internet can come in handy when you need to accomplish a task that can’t be done on your phone (which is becoming increasingly rare these days). Most smartphones present the user with three ways to tether their Internet signal. What are they and […]