Are Tensions High at Your Business? How to Get Relief


There are countless stressors that must be taken into consideration for your business, but there are two that stand out as chiefly important during the workday: digital/workplace friction and interpersonal friction. What can you do to help make them less of a problem for your employees? Let’s examine what digital/workplace friction can do to disrupt […]

3 Ways to Keep Your Business Secure When Employees Leave


Turnover happens in the business world. It’s just a matter of when and how often it happens, as well as how your organization responds to it. If your company fails to address certain parts of the turnover process, it could have negative consequences that must be addressed. We’ve put together three ways that you can […]

Don’t Pull Your Hair Out Over Human Resources


Businesses go about their human resources in all different ways, but in today’s small and medium-sized business, it may not be looked on as crucially as it once was. The HR department may have a lot of responsibilities, but today there are tools that are available that can keep organizations from investing large amounts of […]

Should Your HR Department Be Worried (About Automation)?


Most companies have some sort of human resources department. Some are bigger than others. Some are more effective than others. Typically, the HR department deals with a lot of the stuff that no one else likes to. Today, software is being created using artificial intelligence that will be able to complete many of these tasks. […]

SMB Human Resources and Payroll Find a Home in the Cloud


It’s no secret that cloud computing has become a major part of what most small businesses’ operations. One aspect of business administration that many businesses keep in-house is their HR department. Today, we’ll take a look at HR and payroll software, and how moving your business’ human resources department to the cloud is a good […]

Skills that Your Project Manager Should Have


One of the keys to launching any sort of technology initiative is to have a skilled IT project manager at the helm. As such, it is important to keep certain high standards in mind as you find someone to act in that capacity for your business. Today, we’ll review a few key traits that your […]

Do You Trust Your Employees Enough to Offer Unlimited Vacation Time?


As a business owner, you know how difficult establishing a paid time off policy is. Providing too little can make your business seem unfair, but giving away too much might make you feel like you’re losing money. Therefore, it might come as a shock to even suggest the idea of unlimited PTO. Some business owners, […]