From Heart Attack to Hack Attack: Hackers Can Now Control Pacemakers


Medical technology has allowed for vast improvements in the way that conditions are treated. For example, the pacemaker allows some people with heart conditions to live longer and more comfortably. However, a European research team has concluded that even pacemakers are susceptible to being hacked, with deadly results. The researchers made a note to describe […]

This Hacker Messed With the Wrong Transportation Agency


While San Francisco residents might not be happy that they’ll again have to pay fares to ride the city’s rail system, the reason they again have to do so is understandable. Plus, it provides an excellent example of the importance of maintaining a backup and using complex passwords. A hacker or group of hackers, operating […]

What Volkswagen is Doing to Prevent Hackers From Controlling Your Car


Today’s cars are equipped with more complicated computer systems that allow users access to cutting-edge technology and services. Due to the increasing number of cyber attacks on computerized cars, Volkswagen has chosen to team up with three Israeli cybersecurity experts to equip advanced vehicles with the proper security solutions. Ownership and investments made by both […]

It Only Takes 8 Seconds for a Hacker to Open Your Garage Door


Hackers have proven to be a crafty and suspicious lot, and can take advantage of even the most benign technology to infiltrate networks. However, we don’t often associate them with objects in the physical world. Now, even something as simple as a decade-old communications device can be used to open the right garage doors. The […]

Social Engineering: Not All Hackers Target Technology

The nature of hacking is to take advantage of weak points and exploit them for some kind of profit. This is usually seen in flaws or vulnerabilities found within the code of a program or operating system, but these flaws can be psychological, too. Hackers are increasingly taking advantage of a concept known as “social […]

Biohacking: Integration of Smart Technology with the Human Body


Wearable technology is still emerging, but a much different type of smart tech is coming soon. At the Kaspersky Labs Security Analyst Summit, the question of whether or not embedding technology in the human body is a viable concept was discussed in detail. This is supposedly the future of smart technology. Hannes Sjoblad, a member […]