Recent Data Breaches You Should Know


Imagine for a second what would happen if your business’ data was exposed and stolen. You’d have a really difficult time going forward as your client-base dwindled and you opportunities for growth dried up. The amazing part is that some very successful companies have this type of thing happens all the time. Today, we will […]

Former Trend Micro Employee Sold 68,000 Customer Records to Scammers


Antivirus developer Trend Micro is doing some damage control after an ex-employee stole customer data and sold it to online scammers. These scammers have been calling Trend Micro customers. If you use Trend Micro, it’s best to be wary of any calls you get. How Does This Happen? An employee had access to data that […]

Biggest Data Breaches Since May


Has your business’ network been breached? If not, you will need to continue to prioritize network security to keep hackers at bay. With 446 million records compromised in 2018 alone, businesses need to understand what threats they are currently under. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest data breaches that have happened since […]

Study Finds Social Media Phishing Scams to Be the Most Dangerous


Ordinary fishing, where you hope for a simple-minded fish to latch onto your hook, relies on using a proper lure. The same can be said for the virtual method of phishing, where a hacker will use a similar type of “lure” to convince the target to bite. These phishing scams are especially useful for hackers […]

Alert: LastPass Vulnerability Found. Is Any Password Manager Safe?


Thanks to one of Google’s researchers with the Zero Day Project, it has been discovered that LastPass has a major vulnerability as a result of a major architectural problem. This news comes on the heels of many other flaws the same researcher discovered within LastPass. However, based on what the researcher claims, these vulnerabilities were […]

20% of Customers and Revenue are a Lot to Lose From a Single Data Breach


Data breaches are common problems for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In fact, they often have huge repercussions that aren’t initially seen in the heat of the moment. How can you make sure that a data breach won’t negatively impact your business, even well after you’ve fixed the initial problem? Cisco, for example, claims […]