3 Mobile Apps Every Modern Office Worker Needs


Mobile devices are changing the face of businesses in obvious ways, like employees accessing their work outside of the office. Additionally, there are many not-so-obvious ways that mobile devices and apps have changed work environments. Let’s focus a moment on the little things around the office that have changed since mobile devices took over. CalendarsCalendar […]

Tip of the Week: Taking a Screenshot is Ridiculously Easy


Sometimes explaining issues with your technology to someone over the phone is difficult at best. To help your tech support better understand the issue you’re dealing with, provide screenshots to help with your explanations. All you have to do to take a screenshot is hit a few keys. Here’s how it’s done. Screenshots in WindowsFor […]

Tip of the Week: Take Advantage of Notepad’s Text-to-Audio Feature


Some people talk to their computers, but not like they would speak to another human being. We coax it into doing it what we want, or we curse it out when it doesn’t. A day may come when artificial intelligence has progressed so far that we won’t be able to distinguish a computerized conversation from […]

Bottlenecks: Good for Drinks, Not for Networks


Let’s say that you get new equipment and software for your company’s network, expecting to see a boost in performance. When everything is tested, you see no change in performance, which understandably bums you out. In a situation like this, your network is likely bottlenecking. Bottlenecking gets its name from the design of a bottle […]