Remember When Apple Recommended Physical Persuasion to Fix a Computer?

Remember When Apple Recommended Physical Persuasion to Fix a Computer?

Apple has long been a key part of the technology industry, producing quality hardware year after year. Although Apple tends to produce sleek and high-end hardware running its proprietary operating systems, these devices are far from perfect and were especially controversial at certain points in the past. One Model Had to Be Slammed on the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Patch Tuesday


In the technology news sector, you’ve probably noticed a trend where Patch Tuesday makes headlines at least once a month. This is generally the day when Microsoft issues patches and security updates for its many different technologies, and it’s important for your IT department to know when Patch Tuesday falls each month. Patch Tuesday Explained […]

What Happens to a Recycled Computer?


Do you know what you are supposed to do with electronics that are no longer of any use? Let’s quickly go over the process of properly disposing of electronic devices and the steps that make up the procedures involved. Why Shouldn’t I Just Throw Out My Old Technology? There are a few reasons why the […]

What You Need to Know About the Massive Solarwinds Hack


2020 has been filled to the brim with adversity and just as we’ve mercifully arrived to the end, the largest and most brazen cyberespionage attack ever has been carried out. Today, we’ll tell you what we know about the attack, what problems it caused, and what we should learn from it going forward.  How Did […]

There’s Value in Outsourcing Your IT, Part III


When you need something done that requires a level of skill or experience or knowledge that you don’t have, what do you do? Generally, you call in someone who has the required skill, experience, or knowledge that is required. Your business’ information technology strategy should be approached in the same way. As we continue our […]

How to Get the Right Cloud Solution for Your Business


As technology has become a greater part of today’s working environment, the need for a business to have somewhere to procure the requisite devices from has increased. This is why many businesses serve as vendors, the go-between for the producers of these devices and the businesses looking to purchase them. For obvious reasons, these vendors […]