Some Places Encryption Should Be Used Frequently


Protecting your organization’s data is a major focus of businesses these days, especially as threats grow more powerful and they better learn to penetrate the countless safeguards put into place. Let’s go over how encryption can help you cover all your bases—especially if hackers do manage to get through your security precautions. What is Encryption? […]

REvil Vanishes, Along With Some Companies’ Hopes to Decrypt Their Data


The Kaseya ransomware attack targeting VSA servers for approximately 1,500 organizations was another notable attack in a recent string of high-profile ransomware attacks, and while most organizations did what most security professionals recommend and did not pay the ransom, others did not listen. Now those who did pay the ransom are having trouble decrypting their […]

You Need to Be Asking These 4 Questions to Maximize Security


Today’s business has to prioritize its data security. There are endless examples of businesses that haven’t done enough. Some aren’t around anymore. To help you build a strategy, we’ve put together four questions that need to be asked to give you a chance to outwit and overcome the endless threats your company could run into […]

What is Encryption, Anyways?


You hear about encryption being used all the time, almost to the point of it being synonymous with security, but what does it really mean to have encryption on your business’ data and devices? We’ll walk you through how encryption can help you in your day-to-day struggle to secure the integrity of your organization’s communication […]

The Major Points of A Secure Email Solution


It’s not out of the ordinary for employees to not know the best practices surrounding email management, but it’s something that any self-respecting employer needs to consider. How are your employees using their email, and are they putting your organization at risk? The best way to address these issues is taking a two-pronged approach involving […]

Tech Term: Understanding Encryption


With data security becoming paramount for almost everyone, encryption is one of the more important technology terms you will need to know. Since data security has to be a priority–not just for your business–but for you, understanding what encryption is, and how its used can put you in a better position to understand tomorrow’s security […]

Gmail Implements Warning System to Notify Users of Unencrypted Messages


An email could be just about anything, and you should always approach them with caution. What appears to be a harmless attachment could be a spam message in disguise, with malware or viruses attached. Keeping this kind of security in mind can be difficult for the average business, but if your organization uses Gmail, you’ll […]