Let’s Take a Look at 2023’s Business Trends


With 2023 sneaking up on us, you’ll need to consider the many challenges that businesses will face as we move into the new year. Many of these challenges can be remedied simply by implementing the right technology solutions, too! Inflation and Supply Chain Issues Will Linger COVID-19 has impacted the global economy on a scale […]

What We Can Learn from the Ireland Health Service Ransomware Attack


In May of 2021, Ireland’s Health Service Executive, which handles healthcare and social services to the Emerald Isle’s nearly five million residents, was the target of a massive ransomware attack. Even as businesses and municipalities from all over the globe have been dealing with this plight, we mention this because of the aftereffects of this […]

Your Business Should Be in the Headlines for the Right Reasons, Not for a Cyber Attack


Today’s headlines are peppered with stories of major companies and institutions falling victim to a cyberattack. As a business owner, what’s your response to these gut-wrenching stories? If you write them off as fear mongering and believe that these attacks can never happen to your SMB, well, you’re wrong. They can and it’s up to […]