Why Is It Super Important to Keep Your Software Updated?


Your business’ software is one of its critical assets, so it really can’t also host many risks to your security and business continuity. Therefore, keeping your software up-to-date and fully patched should be a priority. Let’s go over what patch management entails and why it is so important.

What Causes Software Vulnerabilities?

Many people might incorrectly assume that, once a software is released and paid for, it won’t be the source of any major security issues from that point forward. Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely accurate. As hackers and cybercriminals work to identify vulnerabilities in the code that software developers have created, the software developers will fight back by creating patches to resolve these vulnerabilities.

This pattern continues until the software is eventually abandoned for a new and improved option, much like we’ve seen with the progression of the Windows OS. The reason that we are so adamant that everyone needs to migrate away from the antiquated Windows 7 is because hackers have had years to devise new ways of undermining its security while Microsoft has shifted focus to its later iterations of the operating system.

Regardless, this cat-and-mouse game goes on, with consumers, business owners, and IT admins caught in the crossfire.

Without consistent updates, all software titles can potentially be leveraged against the user—and with so many kinds of software in use within a business, there needs to be a process to ensure that they are all attended to on desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices alike. A good rule of thumb: if a software title interacts with the Internet, its software will need to be updated eventually.

Defining Patch Management

Patch management is the process by which a business ensures that updates and patches are applied to all vulnerable pieces of software. Whether it’s a productivity solution, communication and collaboration tool, digital security measure, an operating system, any kind of software under the sun could potentially be a risk that needs to be promptly addressed.

While this makes patch management an essential part of operating securely, it can be notoriously time consuming to dive into. This is why our team at NuTech Services utilizes cutting edge technology to see to our clients’ software solutions and keep them patched and upgraded. As a matter of fact, the technology we use keeps watch over our clients at all hours to ensure that all applicable updates are properly implemented.

Reiterating Why Patch Management Matters

Let’s touch back on Windows 7 once again, as the issues it causes are severe enough to bear repeating. As these words are first being written, almost 20 percent of PC users are still using Windows 7, despite Microsoft abandoning support for it a year ago in January 2020.

This effectively makes Windows 7 a clear and present danger for anyone using it—to the point that the Federal Bureau of Investigation effectively begged users and businesses to abandon it in a press release this past August.

For assistance with your patch management processes and the upkeep of your assorted IT solutions, reach out to the experts we have here at NuTech Services. Our team will be here to assist you behind the scenes, all you need to do is reach out to us at 810.230.9455 for more information.