Vendor Relationships Could See Strain


The COVID-19 outbreak has a lot of business owners looking over their supply chains and their budgets wondering how they are ever going to make things work. If yours is like most businesses, you use IT to make your business smarter, more efficient, and help your workforce be more productive. Unfortunately, with recessionary winds swirling around as a result of this terrible situation, it may become inevitable that your business will have to do more with less for some time. 

Your vendors are a big part of your supply chain, and when you have to make alterations to it to ensure that you are able to meet demand, but also operate within the parameters of your budget, it can be a difficult conversation if you are forced to cut back on, indefinitely pause, or eliminate, a product or service you use in your business’ day-to-day operations. Today, we thought we would tell you why our vendor management service can be an indispensable tool when tough decisions have to be made. 

About Vendor Management

Every industry has a certain amount of vendors they deal with; and, if they work with computers they have their IT vendors as well. At NuTech Services, we have identified the time speaking and negotiating with, and fielding calls from vendors as a major time waster for the modern decision maker.  

You may not think so, but you spend a lot of time dealing with your vendors. Besides the conversations you have when you are ordering something from them, they command your attention for additional sales calls, they send you endless emails and mailers, and they even use outreach to try and expand their own marketing efforts using you as a referral.

Our vendor management service is designed to manage your technology accounts to keep them from taking up your precious time. Moreover, our consultants typically have prior relationships with many of the companies you would have to deal with, an often fortuitous side effect of having NuTech Services handle vendor management for you. Sure, you may see a reduction in spending, but what you will definitely see is more time to focus on your business. The more time you spend focused on your business, the better your business can become. 

COVID-19 and Cost Reduction

With the COVID-19 global pandemic altering the way businesses have to function, you may find yourself having to pause or eliminate non-essential expenses while you can navigate the reduction in revenue. According to the Wall Street Journal, as of April 7th, 29% of the American Economy is shut down. Similar situations are facing business in the UK and Australia. 

If yours is a business that needs to pick-and-choose which services to retain (and which to eliminate), the phone calls to your vendors can be pretty rough. With the vendor management service, you don’t need to make those calls. All you need to do is tell NuTech Services’s consultants what services you will be pausing or eliminating and we’ll handle it. If your business has been especially hit hard by the stay-at-home orders, having a professional and trustworthy team of people representing your business will give you the peace of mind that your business is looked after.

What’s more, when this situation is over and you decide to reactivate services, our consultants will not only make the calls and handle the product and service delivery, we will also advise you how to best use your technology budget to meet your business demands in the new frontier. 

We take pride in being a company that works hard for our clients, even if that work is tough. Call us today at 810.230.9455 to set up a consultation to learn more about how we can help your business get through this situation.