Remote Meetings Require the Right Technology


Today’s world of video conferences and remote work means that many workers are forced to endure the dreaded “Zoom Call” or “Teams Meeting,” whichever solution is implemented at their organization. While these terms might be used in a negative way, there are opportunities for you to improve the way you hold your video chats. Here are just a few ideas for you to consider implementing.

Clear Video and Audio

It goes without saying that a good video presentation starts with having crystal-clear video and audio. Much of this will have to do with procuring the appropriate hardware for the job, but your Internet connection can also play a role in this. We recommend you work with experts like NuTech Services to help you get ready for your video conferencing presentations.

Supplemental Visual Aids

No one wants to stare at a talking head the entire meeting, so you should consider the use of visual aids, like PowerPoint presentations or infographics, to help you get your point across to your staff. You can also switch between presenters so that it’s not just one person presenting the entire time, which can make a world of difference for your employees’ attention spans.

Additional Features Like Chats, Emojis, and File Sharing

Video and audio are well and good, but others express themselves in different ways that might make them feel more comfortable. By using the chat and emojis, your employees can react to the meeting in real-time, provided they are not doing anything distracting, like sending memes with quotes from the meeting to each other in the chat.

Engagement Above All Else

People tend to enjoy meetings more often when they are involved in the discussion, so do your best to involve everyone in the meeting in some way, shape, or form. Depending on the nature of the presentation, you should encourage your users to unmute their microphones when they have something they want to say, or use the Raise Your Hand feature (or its counterpart). Some video conferencing tools even allow for break-out rooms that can give your team a chance to debrief and feel more involved.

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