Managing Your Organization’s Software is More Complex than You Think


In a world of “as a service” business models, where services are distributed by month or by billing cycle, users are not necessarily buying things outright to replace them at a later date. The issue with this Software as a Service (SaaS) model is that too many of these solutions implemented all at once can create a messy web of software that needs to be managed. How can you make sure that you are getting the most out of your solutions without driving yourself up the wall?

A SaaS management platform is the best way to make sure that you are not leaving any value on the table with your SaaS applications. It can also help you maintain operations in ways that you might not have considered. Here are our top four benefits of using a SaaS management platform.

Analytics and Usage Statistics

If you have ever wondered how your employees use the solutions you give them, then a good SaaS management platform can give you access to these valuable insights. By getting this birds-eye view of how your employees use which applications, you can make more educated decisions about the solutions you implement moving forward. You might even find that you don’t need certain applications because they simply are not being used.

License Management and Renewal

Licensing is another major pain point for organizations that utilize several different types of software. If licenses expire, then access to applications can be brought to an abrupt halt. If employees find this happens to them, then they might look for other solutions to fill the void and get their work done. SaaS management allows you to keep this from happening by giving you one central location to manage and renew licenses as needed.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

No matter how often you use your SaaS applications for work purposes, they will inevitably store some of your organization’s data. This can create problems if you do not know what data and information it is that they are storing. If your business is using a SaaS management platform, you can more easily control security for these applications, a process that also aids in compliance.

Tighter Control over SaaS Applications

SaaS management gives your business the ability to manage its software from one central location, a concept that can help you eliminate shadow IT, which is the situation we described above where employees might implement unapproved applications to solve problems. Giving employees the ability to pick and choose from a pool of applications can make them less likely to look for alternative solutions.

If you want to get started with SaaS management, NuTech Services can help. We can offer a comprehensive network audit that can give you valuable insights into your software management needs. To get started, reach out to us at 810.230.9455.