b2ap3_thumbnail_chromecast_stories_400.jpgGoogle is known for coming up with fun new technologies that change the way society consumes entertainment and performs their day-to-day responsibilities. One of Google’s best new gadgets is the Google Chromecast, which can change the way you view media and share content while both at home and in the office.

Google’s Chromecast is a neat device that allows you to turn your television into a smart TV. Chromecast uses your WiFi network to stream content from the Internet to your TV. You can then use a mobile device, or any laptop or desktop that’s connected to your WiFi, to control the Chromecast. A Chromecast can even be used in the office to add a sense of flair to any room with a TV, and to make collaboration easier for presentations and other media.

Without further ado, here are four great uses for your Chromecast device.

What a Chromecast Can Do

There are countless other uses for the Chromecast, but instead of spoiling everything about the device, we think it would be fun for you to find them out for yourself. With so much entertainment and content at your fingertips, you’ll be able to spice up both your home life and your office.

Bonus tip: One of our favorite Chromecast apps is VideoStream, an extremely simple app that lets you drag video files to your Chrome browser and play them on your Chromecast-connected TV.

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