Can Your Cloud Provider Provide a Personal Touch?


Cloud technology has become an integral part of doing business today. This has led to a need for, and subsequent availability of, cloud services from a variety of sources to be able to meet the needs of a business. These services aren’t all created equally, however, and as a result, the source of cloud services is a critical consideration to take into account when choosing a provider.

The vast majority of these public cloud services come from one of two sources. First, there are cloud solutions that are provided by the well-known, multinational technology companies. These cloud services include the likes of Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox, to name a few. Alternatively, there is also the prospect of utilizing hosted solutions that are delivered through a managed service provider.

Consider the service that one could expect to receive from a big box solution provider. While the products are excellent, it is extremely unlikely that–should you ever require support–these providers will offer the in-depth insight and dedicated attention to resolve your issue efficiently and effectively. After all, chances are slim that these providers would feel much impact from losing one client thanks to their size and scope. Therefore, major providers will almost certainly be considerably less involved in providing the attention that your business would benefit from. What’s more, since these providers have to serve the lowest common denominator, there is the chance that the cloud solutions they have available simply aren’t suited to meet your business’ specific needs.

This is not the case when it comes to what a managed service provider can deliver.

When an MSP offers a cloud solution, that offer is made with the promise of personalized service and attentiveness to the needs of their clients. With the more personal business relationship that is formed between you and the MSP, their services are more focused upon providing you with a solution that fits your needs, instead of the one-size-fits-most approach that larger firms and corporations take. The MSP will always be there if you ever need assistance in managing your cloud solution, and is willing to help you optimize your service level so that you will receive the attention and resources that you need… without breaking the bank on a service package filled with things you don’t.

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