3 Reasons Why it’s High Time to Give the Cloud a Chance


If you haven’t implemented cloud computing for your business yet… why? We understand that you can’t throw caution to the wind, but it’s really in your best interest to invest in the cloud. Doing so can allow your organization to experience unprecedented periods of enhanced operations and growth in the future. We’ll dispel three of the most common misconceptions about the cloud so that you can make the best decision possible for your business.

Misconception 1: Your Data Isn’t Secure in the Cloud
If you think that security is a problem for the cloud, we understand why you might think that way; especially in light of the many major hacking attacks suffered by organizations far larger than your own. However, in many cases, it’s actually safer to store data in the cloud than on your in-house infrastructure. In a study by Schneider Electric, it was found that 40 percent of participants host their security solution in the cloud, and another 45 percent of participants claim that they will move their security to the cloud in the near future.

Granted, you still need to be careful when you’re considering a cloud platform for your organization’s data. You, or a trusted IT consultant, should take the time to perform a quality analysis of the various risks versus the rewards–particularly in regard to the costs, opportunities, and risk factors. To get a second opinion about various cloud providers, you can look at vendors who might use their services. You’ll be able to see how great their services are from who they associate themselves with.

Misconception 2: The Cloud is Too Expensive
The cloud may have been a rather expensive investment in the past, but that’s not so much the case anymore. The cloud is so varied and commonplace in today’s workplace environment that you will likely encounter different rates for different cloud providers. Furthermore, since the cloud has grown much more common over the past few years, its costs have decreased, allowing more organizations to afford it than before.

There are still other expenses to keep in mind, though, including the cloud migration fees and any other costs associated with doing so. This includes opportunity costs, like time to market, disaster recovery savings, and customer satisfaction. You also need to consider just how much it will take to run an on-site cloud, as well as the maintenance that it would require, like resolving problems, installing new hardware, upgrading applications, and so on.

Misconception 3: You Can’t Get Flexibility from the Cloud
If you’ve made the decision to host data and applications on your in-house infrastructure, then you know that it takes a significant amount of time and resources to make this type of situation work for you. Usually an IT department would handle this responsibility, but it’s not always easy for small organizations to achieve the same level of care as larger enterprises. This is why a lot of organizations choose to host their network resources, like server/desktop infrastructures and data storage, in the cloud. This saves your organization a considerable amount of time and money, and all it takes is a talk with a trusted cloud provider like NuTech Services to make it reality.

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