Understanding Network Security

network security

Understanding Network Security Maximizing Your Business’ Security Businesses are often so concerned with their day-to-day operations that they forget to invest heavily in network security. Others understand the need for comprehensive network security, but have a lenient strategy in regards to their IT, which can be just as detrimental in the event of a data […]

Understanding the Internet of Things

internet of-things

Understanding the Internet of Things Is your business ready for it? As technology grows more potent, Internet-connectivity is becoming a more common occurrence amongst consumer goods. In fact, according to Gartner, Inc, a technology research organization, there might be close to 26 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2020. It might be […]

Understanding Business Continuity

understanding business continuity

A Well-Structured Continuity Plan Can Save Your Business When the sky is falling on your business, can you make it through the storm? For the average business owner, business continuity is looked upon as a secondary system that is put in place to protect the investments the business has made. Since the platform doesn’t have […]

Understanding Your Virtual Identity: Securing Your Online Security

clicking on a person

Protect yourself from online identity thieves. We often talk about threats to business infrastructures, but the point stands that these same threats make advances on individuals as well. If enough personally identifiable information is stolen, a hacker could completely lift the identity of a user to take out loans, hijack credit card numbers, and even […]

Understanding Shadow IT – Threats of Unauthorized Software

understanding shadow it

Unauthorized software can be a major pain for network administrators. When a business sets out to add to their IT, they often choose the solutions based on their immediate needs. This is because when trying to look to the future an organization cannot know what obstacles will pop up. For this reason your organization’s IT […]

Understanding Ransomware


Understanding Ransomware What You Need to Know About the Malware that Hits Your Data, and Then Your Wallet Cyber criminals have no shortage of tools at their disposal in their attempts to abuse and take advantage of those they set their sights on. Recently, however, it seems that more and more of them select ransomware […]

Understanding Automation – How We Leverage Automated Services


Understanding Automation – How We Leverage Automated Services The strategic use of automation allows us to protect your business from harm. Business technology is the bane of the modern worker. No matter how well-intentioned the members of your staff are, when they have computer troubles, it complicates everything they are trying to accomplish. This, in […]

Understanding General Data Protection Regulation Compliance


Understanding General Data Protection Regulation Compliance In April of 2016, the European Union Parliament and Council voted to replace Data Protection Directive 95/46/ec and enact an overreaching data security regulation named the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The law will go into effect in the May 25, 2018 and be the primary law regulating how […]

Understanding Blockchain

understanding blockchain

Understanding Blockchain The Technology Behind Cryptocurrency Will Do Much More In Time. There are enough new technologies today that it can be hard to keep up with all of them. One technology that is leaving a lasting mark is blockchain. The technology behind the ever-popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (and every other cryptocurrency), is quickly becoming a […]

Retail IT

retail it

IT Solutions for Retail Businesses NuTech Services provides technologies built for the modern retail business. New technologies have begun to obscure the place where the traditional brick and mortar storefront ends and the dynamic online storefront begins, changing the industry substantially. If your company is searching for an IT provider that can help you develop […]

Google Workspace by Google


Google Workspace – Productivity in the Cloud Google has rebranded their Google Apps. NuTech Services is now proud to present Google Workspace. Google Workspace, with Google Drive, brings all the benefits of cloud computing to your small business. By having Google host your files securely in the cloud, your work will always be saved and […]

IT for Accountants

accounting it

IT for Accountants NuTech Services offers technology solutions to meet the needs of today’s money managers Accountants are some of the most important people associated with a business; and, many of them aren’t employed by that business. Accountants are responsible for the collection, accuracy, analysis, recording, and presentation of a business’s financial operation. While it […]

Mobile Device Repair – Your One-Stop Shop for Mobile Device Maintenance and Support

mobile device repair

Mobile Device Repair – Your One-Stop Shop for Mobile Device Maintenance and Support NuTech Services offers comprehensive mobile device repair Smartphones are everywhere and NuTech Services, Michigan’s computer repair experts now offer a dedicated repair service for organizations that rely on mobile computing. Businesses that embrace mobility have to try to limit, or avoid, the […]

Professional Server Support – Proactively Protect Your Central Infrastructure

server care

Professional Server Support – Proactively Protect Your Central Infrastructure Aggressively Mitigate Potential Threats with Michigan’s Most Proficient Technicians on Your Side Your servers are the center of your organization’s computing infrastructure, and need special attention to keep your operations coordinated and moving efficiently. NuTech Services offers comprehensive support for all of your organization’s IT, but […]

Residential Computer Repair – Your Michigan Computer Technician

residential computer repair

Residential Computer Repair Your One-Stop Shop for Your Technology Repair Needs Nowadays, you would be hard-pressed to find a household that doesn’t have some sort of new technology. From smart televisions to Internet connections, technology is seemingly everywhere you look. At NuTech Services, we understands that as technology goes, your life goes; and, that when […]

IT for Education – Expand Your Students’ Horizons with Reliable IT Solutions

education it

IT for Education – Expand Your Students’ Horizons with Reliable IT Solutions Utilize today’s greatest technology solutions to educate the professionals of tomorrow. The use of technology in education keeps improving every year. The more that educators depend on technology solutions to provide their students with the newest technology solutions, the more cost effective support […]

Access Control Solutions – Using Technology to Secure Your Business

access denied

Access control is a crucial part of an organization’s physical and virtual security. The modern business owner or technology-minded executive has a responsibility to find solutions that enhance the security of their company’s assets. Whether your business needs a system to manage its employees access to data, or solutions to improve its physical security, the […]

Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

mobility management

Mobilize your business today. At NuTech Services, we understand that, in some way, mobility is a major pain point of your business. However, enterprise mobility is a comprehensive subject that must address more than just the management of applications on your devices. A Enterprise Mobility Management solution is geared toward helping your organization better understand, manage, […]

Point-of-Sale Technologies

cash register

Point-of-Sale Technologies Are your Point of Sale machines in top working order? We live in a consumer-based society. People spend money on goods and services every day. Yet, the systems that retailers use in order to process payments must meet stringent requirements that are often convoluted and difficult to understand. Furthermore, they often use outdated […]